Turbo DriPax

Turbo DriPax from Green Way Products by PolyPortables, LLC.
Turbo DriPax from Green Way Products.
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Product Overview:

Turbo DriPax offers maximum efficiency for portable restroom operators. Just drop the packet –wrapper and all – into a water-charged waste tank. The DriPax immediately bubble into a powerful deodorant. DriPax are available in three strengths (which we call Gears) so you can service every situation without waste or over use.

Features Include:

  • Water soluble, self-mixing action dissolves completely
  • Eliminates waste from liquid spillage or over-use
  • Portioned quantities insure proper use and less waste
  • Safe to handle. No harmful, dangerous chemicals
  • Fast, powerful and easy to use
  • Small, lightweight packages mean less freight charges
  • 100% Biodegradable & environmentally friendly
  • Equally as powerful as liquid deodorizers without the hassle


3rd Gear

  • Best for hot Temperatures and heavy traffic.
  • 420 Service per Case
  • 6 Bags of 70


2nd Gear

  • Perfect for moderate to higher temperatures and traffic. Excellent for large special events, RV’s, buses and boats.
  • 510 Services per Case
  • 6 Bags of 85


1st Gear

  • Ideal for cool weather and special events. Also recommended for RV’s, buses and boats.
  • 600 Services Per Case
  • 6 Bags of 100



  • Mulberry
  • Fresher n’ Cleaner
  • Raspberry
  • Fragrance of the Month

To Use: Simply drop one Turbo DriPax into 5 gallons of fresh water. The packet will instantly begin to dissolve and self-mix.