Fall fragrances are a great way to add some holiday spirit to your sanitation company. Green Way Products, the chemical and deodorizer line from PolyPortables, is proud to offer incredible deals with fragrance of the month. The newest scent, Cinnamon Apple Spice, is sure to help your customers feel a little closer to home this holiday season. Not only will you and your customers love this new fragrance, but with ‘Fragrance of the Month’ you’ll be able to save money on your order!

What is FOM?

Just about this time, eight years ago, the world got caught in the grip of a global economic meltdown. Banks were folding and lending institutions everywhere stopped lending money to almost everyone. Both new and ongoing construction projects were put on hold. When the economy stopped our industry slowed down immediately. Everyone in the portable sanitation industry had to go into survival mode – that included us as well. Rather than panicking, PolyPortables remembered that the way we became successful was because we focused on helping our customers achieve success and we began to think of ways to help keep our customers up and running through difficult times. One way we accomplished this was with our Green Way Products division where we started, our now very popular, FOM (Fragrance of the Month) program. The idea was to help our customers reduce their operating costs by offering Green Way Products deodorizers, air fresheners and cleaners in strong but less expensive fragrances. These fragrance offerings would rotate in and out, giving our customers the opportunity to change up the fragrances to avoid fragrance fatigue and still maintain the highest performance levels. The real draw of FOM was saving 20% to 40% on the products that they use every day to keep their businesses running successfully.  This effort was so successful that many in the industry still choose to use our FOM fragrances even though, for many, the economy has rebounded steadily. They just like the product and the ever changing fragrances.

Cinnamon Apple Spice fall fragrances from Green Way Products

FOM Fall Fragrances – Cinnamon Apple Spice

Today, we are promoting our Cinnamon Apple Spice FOM fragrance. It’s a perfect reminder of the cool days that proceed the holiday season and families gathering together to give thanks, eat good, and enjoy one another. As the season approaches, we at PolyPortables and Green Way Products want to take the time to remember those that have helped us become and remain successful. So, thank you for the opportunity to serve you all these years.

For more information on our FOM program, pricing details and ordering, please contact your division sales manager or our Green Way Product staff!

Green Way Products: Service & Sales Staff

Tara Linton
Customer Service Manager
(800) 241-7951 – Ext. 372
(706) 482-2373 – Fax
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