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Rotational molding is the best way to produce many of the plastic products we all use today. For PolyPortables, rotational molding is the key tomaking top-of-the-line sinks, holding tanks and skids for our portable restrooms. ‘Roto-molding’ is a process that creates low stress, hollow parts. It is ideal for plastic parts due to the relatively low tooling costs. Rotational molded parts are noted for their strength and consistent wall thickness. Quality Holdings, LLC, PolyPortables’ sister company, takes pride in their state of the art equipment and aggressive investments in technology and systems to keep costs low.

PolyPortables Pro 12 Portable Restroom Sink is produced at Quality Industries using rotational molding.

Quality Holdings and PolyPortables, LLC: Keeping Cost Low and Quality High.

Quality Holdings, LLC is located in the North East corner of Georgia on beautiful Lake Hartwell. They are conveniently located near I-85 within two hours from Atlanta, GA and one hour from Greenville, SC. Being so close to PolyPortables’ Georgia manufacturing facility makes logistics simple for us, and our customers. Time is money, and with faster turn around times you can keep your costs down.  Quality Holdings, LLC only runs tools in A-1 condition  to make sure that all the PolyPortables products come out right and on time.

Quality Industries helps PolyPortables, LLC produce our portable restroom skid plates.

Rotational Molding Makes PolyPortables Products Even Stronger.

STRONGER – Rotational molding produces parts that are more reliable with consistent wall thickness. Due to the rotation, parts tend to have the thickest wall sections on the outside corners of the structure. This makes a stronger, more durable part.

FASTER – Products that were assembled from smaller parts can now be molded as one unit. Without an internal core, changes can be easily made to the external core without starting from scratch. A faster production time leads to faster shipping on the products you need.

COST EFFECTIVE – The manufacturing process is less expensive. Unlike blow molding, there is no inner core in the mold. This results in tooling (molds) that are a fraction of the cost.

Tons of ground plastic is transported at Quality Industries to produce thousands of products.

The Benefits of Partnership.

Currently, Quality Holdings, LLC is producing 80% of PolyPortabls’ sinks, holding tanks and skid plates. This helps us pass on big savings to our customers. Because we’re so close to one another, PolyPortables is able to increase our production while decreasing turn-around time. Quality Holdings, LLC also sits on it’s own railway track. Having this resource speeds up the delivery of the plastics needed for part construction. With 131,449 square feet of manufacturing space and 50 years experience, we trust this company to deliver products that stand up to the PolyPortables’ name.

When you order from PolyPortables, LLC you’re ordering the best made products on the market.

For more information, check them out:
Quality Holdings
300 Fisher Dr. Hartwell, GA 30643

To see more photos from our trip to Quality Holding, LLC, CLICK HERE and visit our Facebook page.

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