As a company grows, it’s common to focus on scaling, expanding operations, product development and general business practices. All of those things are vital to being a success in any industry; but are those the most important things? We think that while those key focus points must be a priority for any business, it’s equally important to focus on your people. That’s why our work-family holiday party is one of our favorite times of the year.

We stop to acknowledge and spend time with our employees as often as we can, but the holiday party is extra special. It’s a time to recognize outstanding work, anniversaries of employeement, give gifts to one another and celebrate our friendship and success.

Today, we want to share some of our favorite photos from this year’s company wide holiday part in honor of our incredible staff!


PolyPortables, LLC. Holiday Party

so many holiday party gifts

Our AR pro, Stefanie is taken back by all of the gifts at this years staff-wide holiday party!

Holiday party warehouse staff

Some of the hardest working men in the industry! Thanks for all you do and enjoy that dessert.

Holiday Party Tree

Getting into the spirit of our holiday party with some festive decorations!

holiday party table dinner

Our holiday party is the perfect time to get teams from each section of our business together, laugh and share memories =)

holiday party management

Our President, Ops Manager and VP going over some sweets… I mean important business.

holiday party friends

Nothing makes a holiday party like a selfie with friends!

holiday party anniversary gifts

Here we have a few 10 and 20 year anniversaries! Our Holiday party is the perfect platform to recognize these all-stars!

henrys holiday party gift

Ops Manager, Mr Davis is as careful choosing his gift, as he is in choosing our best business practices! =)

Love seeing the smiles of our crews faces at the holiday party!

Love seeing the smiles on our staffs’ faces!

The holiday party brings us all together

Our holiday party means that sales, accounting, administration and warehouse staff all come together, as a team to to celebrate a successful year.

Thank you everyone who helped, served and volunteered your time to make this a great event! We appreciate our crew from state to state, warehouse to warehouse and in all levels of the company.

Happy holidays everyone!

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